Thematic Communities


The main objective of e-OMED is to build, at the scale of the Mediterranean countries and neighbouring countries (middle-east, black sea and sub-Saharan countries), a knowledge community that pools and promotes digital resources, experiences and methods in order to develop the use ITCs for culture, education, research and innovation. To do so, several Thematic Communities have been set up to:

  • bring together partners from different countries interested in the same type of action, tool, discipline, pedagogical approach,…
  • promote uses in a given field,
  • suggest mechanisms that will enable partner organisations (virtual universities, universities, other types of partners) to launch actions and calls for projects that are consistent with eOMED’s objectives,
  • develop the network of partners in the field,
  • identify the resources to be adapted, developed and co-developed,
  • agree on mutualisation terms that corroborate the principles of openness (respecting copyright),
  • adapt resources to various cultural and linguistic environments (translations),