Looking for e-omed Partners for the New call of Proposal

Recently, Al Quds Open University has launched an International Educational Program which employs the experiences of its practitioners in widening access to higher education. It is carefully designed for online teaching and learning pedagogies and practices using the cutting-edge educational technologies. Among several objectives, The International program mainly aims at offering innovative, specialized programs that meet the regional and international market needs based on the best open educational practices, supporting our students abroad throughout the international program using our innovative online practices and Providing our students with all academic, technological, and technical capabilities at QOU.

QOU International Educational Program offers three programs, which one of them is Business Administration. As a new program at QOU, the proposed projects aims at promotion of the creation of international curricula in Business Administration and adopt them the international program requirements., in particular, we are willing to develop two curricula, one in Arabic Language and another one in English titled:

Business Essentials

The Business Essentials course teaches students the basic necessities of business, to help them develop core competencies they can use in the business world. The course provides a broad introduction to business, covering business principles, structure, and functions of management. Business Essentials introduces students to the world of business and helps prepare them for the economic roles of consumer, worker, and citizen in an ever changing world through. In addition to an introduction to management, the course covers various topics in economics, marketing, quality management, principles of accounting and finance. Business Essentials will promote curiosity and imagination, assisting students with consumer decision making, prepare them for future employment, and help them effectively perform their responsibilities as a citizen.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Administration

This course deals with the evolution of leadership and the characteristics of a leader with practical examples from Palestinian, Arab and international business organizations as well as preparing financial , technical and marketing feasibility studies for small business . In addition it addresses the most important factors that affect success and failure of small business, besides shedding light on some realistic studies regarding the most successful small business in the Palestinian environment. The course also addresses some of the legal aspects for the construction of small projects that must be recognized to create or develop a small business such as gaining various licenses from Palestinian environment.

Further information related to project period, budget , role of each partners will be discussed later.

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