e-OMED – Call for proposal for 2022

1 – Overall context

The e-Omed Association aims at bridging existing inter-university cooperation on all sides of the Mediterranean basin and at developing concrete achievements made in this framework. Its goals are to :

  • reduce the digital gap between the Mediterranean shores;
  • promote human development through access to knowledge for those who can be subject to geographical, economic or socio-cultural constraints;
  • promote continuous enrichment and enhancement of the common heritage by the user community.

In this general framework, our association is honoured to open the 2022 call. The projects must be in line with the above-mentioned perspectives. The Euro-Mediterranean and digital dimensions and the inclusion in a higher education action are the only eligibility requirements for projects.

2 – Main objectives

The main objectives of this call are:

  • the pooling and free access to existing digital resources.
  • the promotion of the use of shared resources by using tools for collaboration and assistance, adaptation, reuse and user training.
  • the promotion of the creation of international curricula.
  • to support the development of the resources, use in a Mediterranean collaborative framework, in particular to meet the needs of mass education.
  • the development of research and innovation in ICTE.
  • A conference will take place in June 2023 (12-13) on the theme: « e-certification and e-graduation:, technical and legal aspects ». Projects related to this theme will be appreciated.

3 – Participation rules and selection criteria

  1. Projects must be formally supported by a letter of commitment from the legal representative of each of the institutions involved.
  2. The project leader must be member of e-Omed. The other partners may not be members of e-Omed at the time of submission of the project. They may apply for membership at any time.
  3. At least one of the associated partner must be from another region (east, north & south) of the Mediterranean area. Non e-OMED member partners can be from any other region of the world.
  4. Projects must address a large number of potential users, the project leader must ensure that the cost to the user remains reasonable;
  5. The results of the selected projects must be freely accessible to all members of e-Omed and strictly limited to non-commercial uses of collective interest; They must be readily accessible via the e-Omed website ;
  6. The produced resources should always mention the e-Omed logo ;
  7. Projects dedicated to higher education must, as far as possible, be integrated into a training cycle such as Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, engineering degree or specialty degrees. It can be of an initial training or all-at-life training.
  8. Co-financing is an element in appraisal ;
  9. Projects resources must allow an easy appropriation and maintenance by users other than their authors ;
  10. Maximum projects duration is 18 months ;
  11. The project leader will assume responsibility, within the time limit, for:
    • developing the project,
    • providing deliverables,
    • submitting written reports (intermediate and final) to be provided to the association in application of the agreement signed after project selection.

4 – Selection process

The complete file must be:

  • signed by the scientific leader(s) and by the legal representative of the establishments involved.
  • sent by e-mail to Mrs Amal ABDALLAH and Mrs Catherine BARREAU at the following e-mail addresses – NO LATER THAN 31 october 2022 (deadline):

The project evaluation is organised by the e-Omed office, which draws up a list by issuing a report and a ranking. Projects are selected up to the amount of funding available. The list of the selected projects and the amounts of the grants will be decided by the e-Omed Board of Directors in december 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact: catherine.barreau@eomed.org

5 – Projects funding

The total e-Omed funding cannot exceed €15,000 which 50% maximum can be allocated to the non-e-Omed partner(s). The grant will be paid in two instalments: 50% after submission of the first report (month 6), 50% at the end of the project, upon presentation of the deliverables, the online availability of the produced resources and a final report including, among other things, all supporting documents for expenses. Any delay exceeding 12 months will result in the reimbursement of the sums advanced.

6 – Agenda

September 2022Opening of the call
Download Application Form
31 october 2022Dead-line for the submission to :
amal.abdallah@eomed.org ,
November 2022Project reviewing process
December 2022Selection & ranking by the e-Omed board of directors
January 2023Agreement signature and project kick-off
12 – 13 june 2023Presentation of the selected projects during the general assembly and the e-OMED conference
Summer 2023Submission of the first written report and payment of 50% of the allocated funds
Summer 2024Submission of the final report and payment of the last 50% of the allocated funds